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rice cooker lentil soup


  • black lentils
  • tom yum paste
  • chives
  • cilantro
  • tomatoes
  • cut wakame
  • dashi
  • black eyed peas
  • veggies of choice

any of these ingredients can be substituted or left out, but doing so will affect things like cooking time or the amount of water you need!

step 1: cook them

*if you are using black eyed peas or any ofther legumes you have to soak them first, time varies*

put lentils in the rice cooker, and for every cup of lentils put 1.5 cups of water. for 1 serving i will add 1tsp of tom yum paste and a tiny bit of dashi, but that is up to taste. if you have veggies that want to be cooked, add those in too.

once everything is in you can just turn on the rice cooker :)

step 2:

now that everything is cooked, you can add fresh ingredients. Here i will add chopped chives, cilantro, and cut wakame (but any kind of dried seaweed will be good) also things like tomatoes and leafy greens can be cooked, but can also be added fresh either way is good.

step 3: eat it

eat the soup it is good :)

thank you to my dad for teaching me how to make lentil soup!

Note: these are recipes for cooking in a dorm room so they are going to suck hard youre welcome